Monday, August 17, 2009

Chang Thai Bistro

Just went to chang thai bistro on myrtle in monrovia.. Must try the shrimp fried rice.. Red curry.. Garlic beef.. And mangos with sticky rice..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A trip to Kogi

Alyssa and Meaghan are at Kogi in rosemead at 8452 Valley blvd. Hit it up! It will be there till 12 am. :) You might see us :-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tops Jr

"Worlds Best Pastrami...The Original Since 1952"

If your looking for a road side joint that serves great pastrami with very casual dining facilities this is the place for you. No indoor dining, linens, or pristine tables here, just a small rectangular building with a kitchen and bathroom. Order out, eat out.

Here begins another ongoing battle of who hails the best meat. Not just any meat...pastrami. Pastrami, a "highly seasoned, smoked cut of beef usually taken from the shoulder,*"dates back ages before refrigerators when it was custom to season or salt your meat to preserve it.

This meat when put in between to soft bread rolls and dipped in a beef dip is absolutely to die for! And for around $6.00 you can get a hefty pastrami sandwich with your choice of mustard, onions, pickles, etc. Though their beef is not as strongly seasoned as some, it is much leaner than some of the sandwiches I've had at Tops, The Hat, and Gene's Grinders.

I recommend getting the original pastrami (not the combo) and going in with 2-3 people and splitting a small order of fries that will run you about $2.00. A large can easily serve 4-5 and will run you around $3.00. I, as well as many others, love fries that are fresh cut daily, and Tops Jr does exactly that. I believe that if you like In-n-Outs fries you will like Tops Jr's even better. They blanch their fries instead of making them sit in water before frying, therefore making them that much better. I recommend asking for them a little well done so as to be in pristine crispiness!

Tops Jr is located in Alhambra on Maine St. just before Fremont.

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Bon Appetite!


Monday, August 10, 2009

What we are about

Hello friends!  
This is Alyssa and Meaghan!  And as most of you know, we are starting a blog about different food places we have tried.  This is purely for fun and to have a good time! =) And maybe to inspire you to go out and try these awesome places that we review! 
Meaghan thought up this brilliant idea!  So we hope you enjoy reading our blogs as much as we enjoy writing them! (and eating the delicious food!)  Always feel free to ask questions about a certain restaurant you see here or if you want to suggest a place for us to try out!  We are so excited! you know since we just LOVE to eat!  Till then Bon Appetite!

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