Friday, February 25, 2011

The Buttermilk Truck

Hello Friends!
This is Alyssa and today I am blogging about a great food truck in Los Angeles called The Buttermilk Truck.

Ever since the HUGE explosion of food trucks you don't really know which ones are worth your time.  BUT let me tell you, this truck definitely is!  They serve breakfast food, a big change from all those other fusion trucks out there.  They have two menus, a "Morning Menu" and a "Late Night Menu".  The "Morning Menu" has a bigger selection of foods so I suggest going then.  I visited the truck on great sunny Saturday morning.  There was a pretty long line but we were expecting that.  I ordered the Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Pancake Bites.
This was so delicious!  Like melt in your mouth good!  They nailed the Red Velvet taste.  This type of pancake bite had perfectly melted chocolate chips in the center.  YUM!  It also had just-right cream cheese frosting.  They put a very light drizzle of maple syrup on it too and to finish it was dusted with powdered sugar.  You're probably reading this and thinking, "WOW that sounds SO sweet! Like cavity sweet!"  On the contrary it wasn't overly sweet at all!  Just the perfect sweetness!  The Buttermilk Truck also serves plain buttermilk pancakes bites.
Once again they nailed it.  With every bite of this pancake you continue to figure out its ingredients.  If you visit the truck make sure to ask them what their pancake bite flavor of the month is.  I also got the Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich with applewood smoked bacon.
All biscuit sandwiches come with an egg then you choose your meat, applewood smoked bacon, tocino, or chicken apple sausage.  You could really tell this biscuit was homemade (as is all of their other menu items).  You can even request to have your egg cooked exactly how you want!  As you can probably, I really like this food truck and want to go back!!!  A word of advice if you are going to a food truck: Make sure (if you can) to arrive to the truck's location well before their scheduled time.  This is because the crowds can get big, which means a long waiting time AND they might run out of food before you get to order!  That wouldn't be too fun.  So I encourage you guys to go out there and try this awesome truck!  For more information on where the truck in going to be and for the full menu visit their  website at   Let us know if you visit this truck and how you like it! Also let us know of any cool trucks you have tried and recommend!

Happy food truck hunting!
Foodie Fatties,

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