Thursday, September 8, 2011

Da Munch Box

      "Da Munch Box" is a new truck hitting the streets of L.A. Started by a family from New York they have old root East coast street food running through their veins. They are bringing some surprising and delightful new twists to the West coast.

      In a nut shell their vision is a truck which exemplifies East meets West. This can be seen (and very well tasted) in the dish we tried when we arrived at their truck during the Third Annual Santa Anita Food Truck Festival. One of their most popular dishes, Da Munch Box, is a true classic of two coast favorites. The pastrami sandwich, made popular on the West coast (particularly in California), takes on an East coast twist when paired with the loved Coney Island Knish. The family make their knish in house and purchase their pastrami from a select vendor; adding their own special mix of seasoning.

      The sandwich is much smaller than your typical pastrami, and smaller than we expected as well. It is made hearty by the knish which takes the place of the usual roll. Their pastrami is lean and cut thicker than the expected deli slice giving the sandwich added texture. And they do not seem to skimp on it due to the sandwich size. The knish is well seasoned, moist and flaky, with a nice grill on the outside. The sandwich comes with deli mustard, Swiss cheese, and pickles. The only downside to this sandwich we came across was keeping it together whilst indulging in its deliciousness. Substituting the knish for a roll is what sabotaged this aspect of the dining experience. Though after the first bite you do not care how hard it is to look like a lady whilst eating it you just want more and to get it in your mouth faster.

      The sandwich also comes with coleslaw, but that need not be bothered with. It is bland and we were unfortunate enough to find a surprise bar code label hidden amongst the shredded cabbage. Though, as much as things like this may turn us off to the meal we are eating or an establishment we like to frequent, we must not let an incident such as this overshadow a good dish. Things like this happen all the time for we, as humans, are not perfect whether you go to a 5 star restaurant, roadside taco truck, or a hole-in-the-wall joint. Mistakes and accidents will happen in which you, the customer, have the choice to let it govern your eating experience. Whether or not you return, more people may come, and enjoy the food if it is good tasting and respectfully priced. I for one may be returning to "Da Munch Box" to partake in their East-West sandwich (though I'll leave the coleslaw alone). As well as an order of their fries which we were told by the owners are another popular dish. To the owners and workers traveling around in "Da Munch Box" good luck and good cooking on your journey into the L.A. food truck world!

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