Friday, March 25, 2011

Phoenix Inn Chinese Cuisine

I was able to spend a delightful evening with a group of adventurers in Chinatown a few months ago, then again with a business partner earlier this month at a Chinese restaurant I was told about. A dear friend of mine was kind enough to take a group of us to Phoenix Inn, located in Chinatown just up the street from Philipe's. I later found out they also have an establishment in Alhambra; as well as 8 Phoenix Food Boutiques which specialize in fast, take-out Chinese food with a Southeast Asian flair. The restaurant in Chinatown is open late for you all nighters and party people! It is quite a small restaurant, but we had good luck both times getting seated with no wait. 


My friend took the reigns when ordering, making sure we got to sample some of the best and most authentic dishes. When you are seated they bring you hot tea, and will courteously refill it when empty. They also have a good selection of drinks and desserts.

We started our meal off with a plate full of dessert; sampling a variety of mochi and custards which they display under glass at the front counter. We then dove into our main dishes! 

Along with the fried and steamed rice we had:

Stir Fried Water Spinach in a Malay Sauce which turned out to be one of the best vegetable dishes I've ever had! Even veggie haters may agree... Just give it a try!

Sweet & Sour Pork which, as always, was absolutely delicious! Definitely a dish for those who lack the adventurous spirit.

Bali Style Chilean Sea Bass; a great seafood dish if your looking for something other than shrimp.

Shrimp and Glazed Walnut; battered and fried and glazed in a sweet sauce. Absolutely to die for!

Fried Tofu, for you adventurous folk! And also those who love tofu! Definitely one of my top ways to chow down on tofu.

Hong Kong Style Beef with a medley of veggies and a rich flavor.

Flat Rice Noodle, much like Pad Thai and equally delicious with your choice of meat.

All in all this is a great restaurant if you want some really good quality Chinese food. It's best going with a group so that you can try a whole variety of dishes and the price is good. If you ever find yourself in LA near Union Station... which I know some of you do, stop by the Phoenix Inn, grab a table, and dig in!

Bon Appetit!


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